Norway – Bergen

Bergen - BryggenA beautiful image of Bryggen
This picture was a courtesy of Robin Strand –

After Oslo and Sognfjod in a Nutshell, my next stop was Bergen.

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and it is considered the entrance to the fjords.
Bergen most famous postcard is Bryggen, a pier that is located at the front line of the city, with this colorful buildings where you can find stores, restaurants and bars.

We decided to stay at First Hotel Marin, very good hotel, comfortable and with a complete breakfast. Only one block from Bryggen.

One fact that could be a problem in Bergen: Bergen is the most rainy city in Europe. Usually, it rains 240 days a year!
That was enough to make me worried, considering that I would stay only two days in Bergen.
But as Odin was very kind with me, it was two sunny days!

Traditional fish market

Bergen is famous for its fish market. Here in Brazil we have a great variety of seafood, but in Bergen we can find some different things, as caviar and the famous King Crab.

Fish MarketOne of the many stores at the fish market

Bergen Fish MarketMy friend… if you can’t communicate or pay in the fish market in Bergen, you won’t do it in any other place in the world!

Roberta with the King CrabRoberta and the traditional Norwegian King Crab

Bergen Fish Market menuMenu in the fish market. Yes, they eat whale meat! For us(Brazilians), this is very different!


At the fish market you can eat the most fresh food possible, you just need to go at one of the tanks where you can take a lobster, a crab or shrimps that they will prepare them to you eat in 5 minutes.
Freshier than that, impossible!

Fløibanen Funicular

To have a top view of Bergen, you should take the Fløibanen Funicular.
It’s a train that goes to the top of Fløyen mountain where you have a perfect view of the city.

Bergen Floibanen FunicularEntrance

The climb to the mountain is steep and you go in cabins. Already during the climb you have a wonderful view:

Floibanen FunicularGoing up…

At the top, you’ll find some options to have a marvelous day: restaurant, souvenir shop, a great picnic area, trails for hiking, places to relax and maybe even throw a towel in the ground and stay until the day turn into night with a wonderful view, like this:

At top of Fløyen mountain in BergenBergen at night, seen from the top
This picture was a courtesy of Robin Strand –

At top of Fløyen mountain in BergenNice pic 🙂

At top of Fløyen mountain in BergenAvailable trails
This picture was a courtesy of Robin Strand –


At top of Fløyen mountain in BergenMe and the Troll !

Some other Bergen images


BergenOther side of Bryggen

Viking in BergenVikings everywhere

Troll store in BergenStore specialized in Trolls!

Viking store in BergenMANY nice things in this store in Bryggen!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to explore Bergen, but if you think in a peaceful and beautiful city with many options of food and night life, you can have an idea on how is Bergen.

As it is the second largest city in Norway, there are many options of restaurants and attractions to visit. Without a doubt, in my next visit to Norway will take a little longer to know this beautiful city which charms by its beauty and simplicity.

At the top of BergenEnding this post with a astonishing view at the top of Fløyen