Norway – Sognefjord in a Nutshell


Do you know the Norwegian Fjords ???

In my last travel post, I talked about Oslo.
The next city in my schedule was Bergen. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway.

Oslo is in southeast of Norway, Bergen is in  southwest. I was planning to go by plane, but Norway is so famous for its beautiful landscapes, so why not enjoy what the country has to offer ?
FjordTours has many tours, probably the Norway In a Nutshell is the most famous one. Basically, they offer tours that covers the center-south of Norway, that includes boat, train and bus.

sognefjordA small piece of the Sognefjord seen from above

The options to go to Bergen are many, I decided for the Sognefjord In a Nutshell. The Sognefjord is the biggest fjord in Norway.
This tours take more time to arrive in the destination than by plane and are more expensive, but trust me, it was on the of the most beautiful tours I ever did in my life.

This tour has the following itinerary:

08:11 – Train from Oslo to Myrdal
12:53 – Arrival in Myrdal
13:27 – Train from Myrdal to Flåm – Flåmsbana – One of the most scenic railways in the world
14:25 – Arrival in Flåm
15:30 – Boat from Flåm to Bergen
20:40 – Arrival in Bergen

08:11 – Train from Oslo to Myrdal

The train leaves Oslo Sentralstasjon at 08:11 on time.
A very comfortable train, it makes only one stop before Myrdal

Station on the way to MyrdalThe only stop before Myrdal

In this place, I could see ice for the first time. OK, make a video of snow/ice is a very tourist thing, but give me some credit…. we don’t have snow/ice in Brazil =)

12:53 – Arrival in Myrdal

When we arrived in Myrdal, we come across a single platform, we arrived on the left, and waited for the next train to Flåm on the right.

Myrdal information

Waiting in MyrdalA beautiful view in Myrdal

13:27 – Train from Myrdal to Flåm – Flåmsbana – One of the most scenic railways in the world

The Flåmsbana Railway was something I really wanted to see. This is considered one of the most scenic railways in the world.

Before you continue reading this post, take a look at this promotional video from
Everything I describe below is portrayed in a professional and humorous way by Ian Wright. BEWARE!!!! After watching this video, you will want to visit Norway as well.

From Myrdal to Flåm, is about 1 hour of astonishing views and landscapes.
Along the way, it only stops at one place, where you can see a waterfall.

Flamsbana TrainThe train in its only stop

Inside Flamsbana TrainInside the train

Small vilages view from Flamsbana TrainSmall villages can be seen during the ride

Small vilages view from Flamsbana TrainSmall villages can be seen during the ride

14:25 – Arrival in Flåm

Flåm is a small town in the middle of the fjord, and I have to say, it is one of the most charming cities I ever visited.
In either FjordTours rides, you can stop in any town and stay some time. You can for example come in Flåm, stay two days and then continue the ride.
Unfortunately, I didn’t do it, I had no idea how beautiful was Flåm. I advise you to do this, it is a very small town, two days and one night is enough.
Only after I returned to Brazil I realized that there is a brewery, the Ægir Brewery, with a nice pub in Flåm…. =/

Hot-dog in FlamRoberta with a hot-dog enjoying the view

After 1 hour and a tradition Norwegian hot-dog, we boarded the boat to begin the cruise for the so commented Norwegian Fjords.

15:30 – Boat from Flåm to Bergen

When we began our research for Norway, I noticed that a great marketing is done on the cruise ships that sail the fjords, and that was not without reason.
Undoubtedly it was a highlight of the trip,  for the quality of the vessel, very comfortable and first class treatment(as everything in Norway).
In front of the ship has an open area where you can have the best view possible, with the wind on your face and the landscape that only Norway can offer!

Sognefjord in a NutshellEnjoying the ride

Sognefjord in a NutshellAt one point, you can see the Jostedalsbreen glacier, where we made a hiking 4 days after

Sognefjord in a NutshellA nice view during the ride

The boat goes though the fjords and you have hours to delight yourself with moments that you will keep forever in mind. You need to experience for yourself to understand what I mean.
I made some videos during the ride but nothing compares to the feeling of being there.
Take a look:

I say that this day was a highlight of the trip because it reminds me that about 10 years ago I bought a magazine that had a picture on the cover of the fjord, with mountains full of ice and a beautiful ship. I remember reading that these cruises in the coldest season is even more beautiful.
Since that day, I promised myself that one day I would do this ride, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. I’m glad that I made this dream come true =)

Sognefjord in a NutshellThere is no better picture to end this post than this in the bow of the ship with the magnificent Sognefjord in the background


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