Wäls – Lecture

Wäls Brut

We have a new brewery here in Brazil, I’m talking about Wäls.

Wäls got its differentiation by exploring beer styles that are not so common here.
Nowadays, they have a Dubbel, Tripel, Quadrupel and recently, Wäls Brut, a beer made by the champenoise method, that became famous by some Belgian brands like DeuS and Malheur Brut.

Wäls released their Brut in a beautiful box, with a certified signed by the brewmasters and recently the price of this beer got in evidence in the beer community, so Wäls people decided to make an lecture talking about their job and the Brazilian craft beer market.

Wäls BrutA astonishing presentation

As I had already talked with Wäls owners, I filmed the lecture and you can take a look below(Portuguese only).


– I would like to thank to José and Tiago by doing this lecture, it was a great attitude
– The place was very noise, so the sound is not the best
– Yes, I filmed without a tripod, so it is shaky… sorry folks 🙂