Norway – Oslo – Ice Bar, Vigeland Park, National Gallery

Scream - Madonna

The Scream and Maddona – Edvard Muncho

As told in my last post, [Norway – Oslo(Bygdøy) – Museums], Oslo has many museums in Bygdøy island, but outside the island, there are many interesting things as the National Gallery, the Vigeland Park, Opera House and even an Ice Bar.

Ice Bar Oslo

The Ice Bar Oslo is located in the center Oslo, crossing the Karl Johans Gate.

In fact, we did not have plans to go to this bar, but as we were already there, it seemed to be a very nice place to go. This bar stays at -5º Celsius and you can have cold and hot drinks, in ice glass and plastic cup. Besides, almost everything is ice there, the tables, the seats, the bar and the glasses! Just for the hot beverages it’s used a plastic cup that you can take as a souvenir.

Ice Bar OsloDetail of the plastic cup

Ice Bar OsloIce glass

Ice Bar OsloThe Barman

Ice Bar OsloOverview of the place

The National Gallery – Nasjonalgalleriet

Scream - Madonna

The National Gallery is a museum where you will find many famous paintings like Maddona and The Scream, from Edvard Munch.

Noekken som hvit hest Paintings of other artists like Theodor Kittelsen can also be found there. There is a souvenir shop at the ground floor where you can buy replica of the paintings and put it on a frame. I bought two: The Scream of Munch and Noekken som hvit hest from Theodor Kittelsen. Soon they will be at my room wall!

Vigeland Park

MonolithThe Monolith – Taken from:

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go to the Vigeland Park. The Vigeland Park became famous for Gustav Vigeland sculptures. Besides the sculptures, it is a beautiful place with green fields.

Angry Boy

Angry boy – Taken from:

As I couldn’t visit this park, at least I have an excuse to come back shortly to this marvelous city!

Opera house

To finish our time in Oslo, we visited the Opera House.
The Opera House was recently built and it is a architecture masterpiece. You have an astonishing view from the top.

Opera House

Opera House – Taken from: Wikipedia

Opera HouseTo finish the post, a nice picture taken from the roof of Opera House