Europe Tour, starting by Norway

Norway Flag

I start this blog by my recent 24 days trip to Europe, in 5 countries: Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and England, starting by Norway.

For many years I wanted to go to Norway, my “passion” stated by its astonishing nature beauty with the fjords in its geography, by its historical heritage as the Vikings and the beautiful Stave Churches, by its quality of life, that is considered on the the best in the world and by many other reasons.

At the beginning of 2010, me and Roberta(my lovely wife), started planning one more trip to europe. Instantly I thought: “this is my oportunity to go to the north and meet some places of the old Scandinavia!”.
At first thought, we would go to Norway and Sweden, but the time was short, so we decided to go only to Norway.

First of all, I recommend to all who are interested in Norway to buy this book:

Eyewitness Travel Guide Norway

Eyewitness Travel Guide: Norway

With this book, I planned my trip with much more accurate information. I recommend this series (Eyewitness Travel Guides) for every country. It has a lot of informations with many photos, maps and tips.

I decided to visit 4 cities:
– Capital of Norway
Bergen – Second biggest city in Norway, the entrace to the fjords
Jostedalbreen Glacier Area – Biggest glacier in europe, we did a glacier hiking there
Stavanger – Third biggest city in Norway, where we did the Preikestolen (The pulpit rock) hiking

I will create another post talking about Oslo
See you soon!