5 years without a new post ???

OK…. it wasn’t 84 years waiting like the granny in Titanic, but it was 5 very busy years! Well… first of all I apologize to you reader who had FIVE YEARS without new posts here… yeah, 5 years, what a shame =/ Even with that period off-radar, I had a few hundred monthly visitors, that Read more about 5 years without a new post ???[…]

The start

Why did I create this Blog ?

Well, it has been a long time since I decided to create a blog to share my photos and videos of my trips in Brazil and outside of it.
Here I will share photos, videos and information that maybe will help other people interested and demonstrate my passion in this two things: Travel and Beer!

Nothing better than this image to start tthe blog:

Drinking a traditional Pauwel Kwak from the tap in Brugge, Brussels.